Martin Berasategui and DulciLight

Martín Berasategui y DulciLight

As a result of the quality of the DulciLight Zero sweeteners, of the numerous international tastings in the test benches of Chef Martín Berasategui, Martín chooses DulciLight as the brand of 0% calorie sweeteners for his healthy recipes that do not harm health .

Among the most important characteristics of DulciLight sweeteners we find:

  1. They have the Natural taste of sugar but are zero calories.
  2. Does not change the taste of food or drinks.
  3. Can be consumed by diabetics.
  4. Keto Friendly.
  5. Gluten Free.

Everyone knows that Martín Berasategui has a very generous humility and personality. On the other hand, in what is called preparing or cooking, his quality is incomparable, since Martín has 12 Michelin stars earned for excellence and dedication as a chef. This is why Martín has chosen DulciLight.

It should be noted that for DulciLight it is an honor to represent Martín Berasategui as the official ambassador of the brand, we consider him to be an excellent person who transmits all the values ​​that the DulciLight team wants to transmit in society.

At DulciLight we believe that not only the quality of our products makes us stand out as the leading brand in the market, that is why we have opted to redesign the brand's new packaging incorporating Chef Martín Berasategui and among other elements that help the communication with the public.

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