Brown sweetener for confectionery

Use this brown sweetener to make pastries, desserts and different types of recipes. The brown sweetener has 10 times the sweetness power of sugar but without its calories.
DulciLight has developed the only
sweetener in the world that does not change the taste of food and achieves the same taste of sugar with its innovation food. Buy this bag to make your best healthy desserts and you will see that its granules make it easy to dissolve its sweetness to achieve a homogeneous mixture.

Brown sweetener for beverages

Enjoy your hot or cold beverages with DulciLight brown sweetener. If you are looking for a sweetener that does not change the flavor of your drinks and also provides health benefits such as:

1- It can be consumed by diabetics.

2- Zero calories.

3- KETO friendly

4- Naturally sweet.

5- Gluten free.

6- Non Gmo.

This is your ideal sweetener, since it is the only sweetener with the exact taste of sugar and without health consequences. Available in presentations of 50/100/500/1000 sachets.